Drainage and Sewer Repair & Re-pipe

Drainage and Sewer Inspection

If you are facing a sewer of drainage disaster, it is not something that you, yourself would be able to take care of. You need to prevent a minor problem with your drainage and sewer system from becoming major. All drainpipes need regular inspection and maintenance. This way they won’t get clogged. Trust our expert plumbers at Nagra Bros and get in touch with our trained team of plumbers for brisk help 24/7 in Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

Our licensed technicians provide immediate meticulous sewer and drainage inspection services.

Drain Tile System

Prevent Water Damage with Drain Tile Systems

Properly installed drain tile system keeps your basement dry and your foundation protected. You should know that drain tile systems are critical for your property as they allow excess water to drain away from your house. Replace your older deteriorated system and always make sure your drain tile system is working properly.

If you have problems with your drain tile system or you are not sure if it is working properly, you can book a free estimate with Nagra Bros on +1 (604) 767-0545. Our expert plumbers do a proper complete inspection of your drain tile system and give you a clear report of that. You can decide based on our expertise inspection report.

Maintenance Services

Always pick regular maintenance for peace of mind and to avoid losing lots of time and money on unpredictables. A clogged or broken drain can result in basement flood or serious damage of your property. Make sure to clean your sewer & drainage system on regular basis you, yourself or get help from our experts at Nagra Bros Plumbing & Heating for regular maintenance.

Nagra Bros Plumbing & Heating provides repair, installation, pipe exchange, flush out, and maintenance services for your drainage and sewer system. We provide video camera inspection, leakage detection, and high-pressure jetting & snake services.