Air Conditioner vs. Cooler | Learn from Air Conditioning Contractors

If you are in the dilemma of whether to prefer an air conditioner or an air cooler, the best air conditioning contractors in Surrey, BC, are here to answer your questions since both have advantages and disadvantages. For any confusion regarding air conditioner vs. cooler, get expert opinions of top air conditioning contractors at Nagra Bros.

Over time, high temperatures become so unbearable that a simple high-speed fan is not enough. On the other hand, air conditioners are famous for providing a complete solution to heat, but can result in high electricity costs. On the other hand, there is a 3rd option: air coolers. These devices consume less energy besides acting as humidifiers or air purifiers. If you prefer installing an air conditioning unit, hire only reputed and licensed air conditioning contractors.

How does an air cooler work?

Air coolers are capable of cooling a room through the evaporation of water. It produces humid air, so it is recommended for dry climates. Its mechanism draws in hot air and passes it through high-density filters and cooling panels, turning it into a refreshing breeze.

  • Air coolers consume 80% less energy;
  • Air coolers are more convenient to use and have simple installation;
  • Another essential feature is the ease of maintenance;
  • Impact on the environment has made air coolers a popular option.

How does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner has two units: indoor and outdoor. The indoor unit draws out hot air, and the outdoor unit releases hot air outside. Components such as the condenser, compressor, evaporator, thermostat, and expansion valve interact to create a refrigeration cycle. Contracting top air conditioning contractors, is necessary for the unit to install and work properly.

What are the advantages of an air conditioner?

When high temperatures do not subside and take over people’s comfort, one of the ways to combat the heat is with an air conditioner. Among its main advantages are –

  • Reduces the temperature of a room almost instantly, providing relief in hot and humid climates;
  • An inbuilt thermostat offers the possibility of adjusting and maintaining a constant temperature;
  • Its filters purify the air, trapping all types of particles and allergens;
  • Studies have shown that sleeping in a more relaxed place makes you feel more energetic;
  • An environment with a simple and comfortable temperature improves employee performance;

However, air conditioners require permanent and careful installation by professional air conditioning contractors.

Which is better, an air conditioner or an air cooler?

Choosing between an air conditioner and a cooler depends on several factors, such as specific cooling needs, budget, local climate, and personal preferences. Air conditioners offer instant, powerful cooling and precise temperature control in scorching and humid climates. If you are looking for an ecological and economical option for drier environments, air coolers can be an alternative.

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